Ladybug Shower Head Adaptor

Ladybug Shower Head Adaptor
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That’s where evolve™ showerheads come in. Utilizing the unique, patent-pending ShowerStart™ technology, these showerheads allow you to continue


Once ready, pull the cord and water will come through.

  • ShowerStart™ technology
  • compatible with all industry standard showerheads
  • does not interfere with pressure or flow *
  • solid brass construction
  • anti-lime protection
  • integrated debris screen filter
  • 3 year warranty
  • trickle mode activated when water reaches 95° F (35° C)

automatically resets after each shower

attaches to any shower arm with industry standard 1/2“ fittings

designed for use in homes with water pressure above 20 PSI.

ShowerStart technology is NOT an anti-scald device

NOT designed for use with tankless hot water systems



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