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Amphiro smart shower save energy and water

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Hot water is energy

Did you know that the typical household uses about 2000kWh every year, just for heating up water? That is more than is used for cooking, lighting, the fridge and electronic devices all combined. Every morning you make a decision about a big part of that energy consumption – while taking a shower. Our product shows your hot water consumption and enables you to follow your goals for energy efficiency in an entertain- ing way. By using amphiro a1 the typical household saves 440 kWh of energy as well as 8500 l drinking water and waste water per year.

Amphiro A1 – for all common hand-held showerheads

Amphiro A1 is an innovative design component and fits perfectly between a shower hose and a showerhead. The installation is performed in three simple steps and there is no need for any tools. amphiro a1 is a self-powered water meter, so a battery is not required. The measurement and the display are powered by a generator that generates energy in an environmentally friendly way from the water flow. amphiro a1 then captures the water consumption from the connected hand held showerhead.


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