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Flush-Wiser works by allowing your toilet to fill with air instead of water – the more air in……the more water saved! This unique design is fixed to the siphon therefore will not interfere with the toilet’s flushing mechanisms, it is totally adjustable and will last the lifetime of your cistern. Fits all domestic toilets pre 2001. Cannot be used in WCs with dual flush option.

Flush Wiser won the Innovation Award at the British Institute of Facilities Management Excellence Awards 2008, is a WRAS approved product was awarded the Waterwise Marque and is an approved water saving product on the DEFRA’s Water Technology List.

There could not be a simpler product to fit to save you water and money.

All thats needed is a 7mm drill bit and drill a hole in the top of your siphon, push in the flushwiser, then adjust the setting to the amount of air you want to let into the flush.


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