We regularly waste nearly 150 ltrs of water every time we bath!

Add that to the amount that you use to water your garden and that adds up to an unsustainable amount that will have an adverse affect on climate change

On average an individual will take approximately 150 baths/showers a year.That's over 22,000 ltrs of water, per person, that could be used again!

What if you could water your garden all year round and save up to 10,000 ltrs of water?

In normal every day circumstances once you’ve had a bath you pull the plug and let nearly 150ltrs of precious water go down the drain. WHY?

We are a nation of garden lovers and like nothing better in the summer to tend our gardens and make them look good. So what do we do? We use 100’s of ltrs of drinking water to water our plants and lawns.

What if there was a way to use your bath water twice?

Well, there is...


Water two Bath Diverter

The Watertwo grey water diverter is a DIY product that can easily be fitted on to your existing waste water pipe from your bath & shower.