The Water Two Device

We regularly waste nearly 80 litres of water every time we bathe! On average an individual takes a bath 1.5 times a week that’s over 6240 litres of water, per person, per year. For a family of 4, that’s over 24900 litres of water.
An electric shower can consume 5 litres of water per minute, a mixer shower consumes 8 litres/min and a power shower can consume 13 litres/min. A 10-minute power shower can consume 130 litres. On average an individual has 4.4 showers a week. That is a water use of over 29,500 litres per year for just one person; water that can be used again!
The Watertwo device can save water and in turn save you money.

The Watertwo device was created out of necessity. With global warming and the increase of hosepipe bans during the hotter months we needed to find a way to save as much water as possible but still have enough water for the garden and to wash our car and not have it washed down the overstressed sewage system. The water two device can be used all year round saving water and saving you money. Those with a water meter will certainly notice the savings.

The Watertwo it’s a very simple and effective device that diverts bath water and shower water into a water butt for you to use as you need it or directly into drip fed irrigation

There are plenty of advantages to installing a Watertwo device;

  1. Water available every day, not just during a hosepipe ban
  2. Money saving for water meters
  3. Water is reused and not wasted down the overstressed sewage system