Shower Regulator

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The details and benefits of the water efficient regulator:

  • Water efficient – Designed to regulate the water flow to just 7.6 litres per minute, compared to a standard 15 litre per minute flow rate
  • Easy to install – Fits to any standard ½” shower hose by simply screwing into the base of your shower mixer unit
  • Compatibility – The showerSave is NOT suitable for electric showers or those with multiple jets. For a power shower we recommend you contact the manufacturer to confirm suitability.
  • Energy saving - You might think if you’re not on a water meter that this won’t help you save money. However, did you know hot water use contributes £228 to the average household’s annual energy bill? And showers are the biggest users of hot water in your home accounting for 25% of all your family’s water use
  • Use with a Watertwo valve. 
  • If your watertwo is fitted to a shower waste and you are having trouble with water backing up, fit a regulator to slow the volume down. 
  • Please note, do not fit regulator to an electric shower and do not fit a watertwo valve with a power shower.
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