The Watertwo - Grey Water Divert Valve

Save water- save the planet
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The Watertwo bath water diverter can be fitted to your bath waste at high level to provide you with all year round water for your garden.

An easy DIY install, that will provide decent water for your garden rather than let it go down already overstressed drainage system. The valve is sited at high level on your bath waste and when required just pull the cord to divert your bath water onto the garden.

The valve will work in any orientation, but please be aware that it will not work with a power shower or any fast volume shower unless over a bath. The water flow will be too great for the valve to cope and the water will back up. The valve is designed for a slow feed onto your garden lawn and plants.

If filling a water butt, please use the water within 48hrs.

We recommend adding a hair catcher to your cart to prevent build up snagging in the valve over time.
simply divert your valve, pull the plug and put your hair catcher over the waste outlet.

  • A full fitting kit consisting of a Watertwo valve
  • Screws
  • Plugs
  • Vine Eyes
  • Pull Cord
  • Complete fitting instructions

Key benefits:

  1. Water available every day, this valve can still be used when there is a HOSEPIPE BAN!!
  2. Drip fed irrigation.
  3. Money saving for water meters, you've paid for a once, use it again!
  4. Water is redistributed around the garden, not down the overstressed sewage system
  5. Waterbutts can be sited anywhere in the garden not just near your rainwater downpipe, saving space
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